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Dame Judi Dench joins campaign for Staffordshire Hoard

Dame Judi Dench joins campaign for Staffordshire Hoard

4th February 2010

Dame Judi Dench has joined the glittering list of celebrities who have pledged their support to save the £3.3million Staffordshire Hoard for the West Midlands, independent charity The Art Fund announces today.

"It is essential that the Staffordshire Hoard should be kept and displayed in the area in which it was found. It would have so much more meaning to visitors, and it would be a great boost for the area."

Other supporters of the campaign include West Bromwich-born comedian Frank Skinner, ex-Rolling Stone and metal detector enthusiast Bill Wyman, and Tony Robinson, presenter of Time Team. The three major political party leaders have also pledged their support.

News of Dame Judi’s support comes on the day that The Art Fund launches a new interactive element to its dedicated Staffordshire Hoard Appeal site.

Members of the public can now join the craze for treasure hunting that has been sparked by the find of the extraordinary hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure in Staffordshire. ‘Buy Your Dig Site’ is a virtual map of the field where the Hoard was discovered. For a donation of £5 individuals can try their luck by “digging” a square of the field to see if it reveals an item of the Hoard. Players can buy as many virtual squares as they wish to boost the campaign.

This has been a good week for the Staffordshire Hoard appeal as  Birmingham based billboard poster owner, Signature Outdoor, has donated £195,000 worth of advertising to support the campaign to bring and keep the Anglo-Saxon Hoard back to the West Midlands.

The sites on the M6, the Centre of Birmingham including New Street Station will be carrying the message "Save the Hoard" giving the appeal the level of exposure that many top brands would get from such a campaign. Over a million vehicles will see the M6 sites alone.

The billboards that went up on 2 February 2010 will remain in place for two weeks. They will be followed by similar campaigns at the end of March and end of April.

Steve George, Signature Outdoor Media said: "We want to play our part in securing the hoard for the West Midlands Region. It will be of huge benefit to us all and is an important part of our local heritage."

Donate to the Staffordshire Hoard Appeal

Visit the Buy Your Dig Site interactive.

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