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The Staffordshire Hoard - What Next?

The Staffordshire Hoard - What Next?

14th October 2009

Find out what will happen next, and how you can help bring the Hoard back.

Staffordshire Hoard Update

The Staffordshire Hoard exhibition closed to public view at 9pm on Tuesday October 13th. Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery extended the opening hours to meet the huge public demand to see the Hoard during the display, and visitors took full advantage of this . A queue of visitors could be seen every day to see 80 of the 1,500 objects that had been unearthed in Staffordshire in July. Some 40,000 people have seen the hoard artifacts in the two and a half weeks it has been on display.

What Next

The Hoard will go on display for a short period of time at the British Museum from November 3rd.

The Treasure Valuation Committee, which has the remit of valuing the find at a fair market value, will meet in November to consider the case and make a recommendation to the Secretary of State. With the backing of culture minister Margaret Hodge and the British Museum, Birmingham City Council and Stoke on Trent City Council are creating a partnership aimed at keeping the hoard in the Midlands.

Rita McLean, Head of Birmingham Museums and Heritage said: “There are many stakeholders and partners right across the region that have an interest in this extraordinary discovery of Anglo-Saxon treasure, we will be working collaboratively with Staffordshire County Council, Lichfield District Council and the other key institutions who have also expressed a desire to be partners. I am also delighted that the British Museum and Portable Antiquities Scheme will continue to work with us on this major project.”


A fundraising appeal for the Hoard was launched on Monday 5th October. Donations can also be made by cheque or on line which allows for the re-claim of Gift Aid (which adds up to an extra 28p for every pound donated, at no extra cost to the donor). Find out how you can donate on the Support Us page or if you would like to donate online you can go direct to the Charity Choice website to support the appeal.






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