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Washington Greenís - Love & Hope -  Paul Horton

Washington Greenís - Love & Hope - Paul Horton

4th September 2013

Birmingham Museums Trust is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition from Washington Green Fine Art and Castle Galleries, ‘Love & Hope’ by Paul Horton.
‘Love & Hope’ opens at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery’s, Waterhall on 12 October; a prestigious show where Horton will exhibit around 80 new paintings and four bronze sculptures.
Predominately in high quality pastels, ‘Love & Hope’ will also include “a handful of oils, some nice big charcoals and some of the personal, initial designs and concepts,” alongside a series of new prints from the Birmingham artist. 
Birmingham born and bred, this exhibition comes at a point when Paul Horton is more popular than ever and is sure to pique the interest of the Birmingham and West Midlands audience of both art lovers and newcomers, as Paul reflects life back to us in his charming pastels and accompanying narratives.




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