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Sunday 1st September - Big Brum History Buz

Sunday 1st September - Big Brum History Buz

28th August 2013

Enjoy a Manufactories and Mansions open-top bus tour and discover Birmingham's unique Heritage Sites this Sunday 1st September. The bus will be visiting Aston Hall, Soho House Museum and the Pen Room.

Big Brum History Buz tours take place on the first Sunday of the month from May to October 2013.

£5.00 adults and free for children under 16.  Have your change ready and pay on the bus! Admission to all the participating museums is free of charge on these days.                                               

Manufactories and Mansions - Sunday 1st September 

Visiting Aston Hall, Soho House Museum and the Pen Room

                                                                 LAST BUS

Victoria Square     11.30   13.15   14.30   15.45  

Aston Hall             11.45   13.30   15.10   16.10

Soho House          12.05   13.50   15.10   16.20 

The Pen Room      12.15   14.00   15.20   16.30     


Tolkien and Tudors - Sunday 6th October 

Visiting Sarehole Mill and Blakesley Hall

                                                                 LAST BUS

Victoria Square     11.30   13.15   14.30   15.45  

Sarehole Mill         11.50   13.35   14.50   16.10  

Blakesley Hall       12.10   13.55   15.10   16.30                                                               

Please note the last bus is pick up only.  The museums close at 4pm.

No pre-booking available. First come first served.

The bus is open-top- please dress appropriately!

Museum car parks at Blakesley Hall and Soho House close at 16.15pm.

Bus maximum capacity of 75.

Bus operated by Birmingham Tours


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