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NEW for 2013! Second Sunday Talks at Blakesley Hall

NEW for 2013! Second Sunday Talks at Blakesley Hall

9th April 2013

This Sunday sees the first in a series of History talks at Blakesley Hall Museum.  The lecture series covers a wide range of time periods and highlights significant events as well as hidden histories.  

Discover the little known Roman Britain with Birmingham's Planning Archaeologist Dr Mike Hodder (AUG), find out how a small cricket ground became the home of Aston Villa with Steve Beauchamp (APR) and hear a fascinating tale of C17th family feuding between the Colemores and the Smalbrokes (SEPT). There will be new research by Chris Upton on the Workhouses of Birmingham (OCT) and revealing insights into Medieval Birmingham by Sarah Hayes (MAY).  Closer to home Mike Byrne will be giving a history of Yardley (JULY) and Marie Fogg will be talking about the Smalbroke family, an important Birmingham family, some of whom lived at Blakesley Hall (JUNE).

Cost £3 each. Pre booking is not necessary and they are at 2pm in the gallery at Blakesley Hall Museum, Blakesley Road, Yardley, B25 8RN.  


Sun 14 Apr - A History of Sport in Victorian Birmingham by Steve Beauchamp
Sun 12 May - Medieval Birmingham by Sarah Hayes
Sun 9 June - The Smalbroke Family by Marie Fogg
Sun 14 July - A History of Yardley by Mike Byrne
Sun 11 Aug - Roman Birmingham by Mike Hodder
Sun 8 Sept - Colemores vs Smalbrokes, The Great Birmingham Squabble by Janet Pick
Sun 13 Oct - The Workhouses of Birmingham by Chris Upton

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