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Celebrations at Soho House Sunday August 21st

Celebrations at Soho House Sunday August 21st

19th August 2011

Mr Murdock's Birthday Picnic at Soho House, Birmingham on Sunday August 21st

Birmingham's brightest beacon and son of invention, William Murdoch, celebrates another birthday on Sunday 21 August and his life and times will be celebrated and recalled in verse, song and colourful display at Soho House, once the home of his employer Matthew Boulton.

Raise your voice and your glass to the man who played with fire, Birmingham's brightest beacon, pioneer of steam locomotion, inventor of gas lighting and successful migrant that walked 300 miles from Scotland  to Birmingham to ask James Watt for a job. 

Bring a picnic and rug and celebrate the man who lit our world with gas light (in 1792) and pioneered the invention of steam locomotion in 1784. 

12pm to 3pm at Soho House on Sunday 21st August.

 Soho House


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