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New Online Resource For Schools

New Online Resource For Schools

3rd November 2010

Body Decoration Resource for Key Stage 3 added to the Schools Liaison website

A new resource has joined the interactive learning resources available on the Schools Liaison website for use in schools and at home. The Body Decoration resource has been developed by Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery for teachers and pupils at Key Stage 3.

The aims of the Body Decoration resource are to look at the following questions: What different types of body decoration are there? Why do people decorate their bodies? How are the cultures similar or different to the one we live in? How does body decoration relate to identity?

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a rich collection of objects which tell the story of body decoration in diverse parts of the world. Using these objects and other images, you can explore different types of body decoration and how body decoration has changed through history.

The resource is split into five themes of Piercing, Tattooing, Painting, Shaping and Scarring. Each section contains information, images of people and objects from the collection and an interactive element for pupils. In addition, within this area there are a number of discussion points which can be used in class and there is also a quiz for pupils.

Visit the Body Decoration online learning resource for schools.

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