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ArtsFest 2010

ArtsFest 2010

10th September 2010

Artsfest events at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 10th - 12th September

ArtsFest, the UK’s biggest free arts festival, takes place from 10-12th September 2010.

ArtsFest features performances, workshops, exhibitions, arts markets, installations, talks and screenings across the performing, visual and digital arts genres. It showcases and celebrates the West Midland region’s most talented performers, artists and creative projects.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will be open until 9pm on Friday 10th September as part of ArtsFest.

There are several performances at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Find out what's on, when and where in the museum:

The Round Room 

Industrial Gallery 

Gallery 22

Gallery 33

The Waterhall 

To find out what is on at ArtsFest view the programme on the ArtsFest website.

ArtsFest is an annual free festival that has taken place in Birmingham since 1998. This year the festival will present around 600 performing, visual and digital artists in free events across the city.

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