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Birmingham – its people, its history

Curatorial talks, 2014

All on 3rd Tuesday of the month, 1pm.

£3 per person. Please buy your ticket at reception and meet in the Round Room.


21 Jan  Henrietta Lockhart - Introduction to Victorian Birmingham

18 Feb      Henrietta Lockhart - Birmingham's Role in the Abolition of the Slave Trade

18 March  Sylvia Crawley - Entertainment in 18th Century Birmingham

15 Apr  Henrietta Lockhart - Faith and Social Conscience 

20 May  Victoria Osborne - Birmingham Art in the 19th Century

17 Jun  Adam Jaffer - Introduction to Your Birmingham

15 Jul  Sylvia Crawley - When Things Go Wrong: difficult times in 18th Century Birmingham

19 Aug  Jo-ann Curtis - Introduction to Birmingham and the first world war 

16 Sept  Jo-ann Curtis - Birmingham women and the first world war 

21 Oct  Adam Jaffer - To be confirmed

18 Nov  Jo-ann Curtis - Birmingham industry during the first world war

16 Dec  Jo-ann Curtis - Civilian life on the home front during the first world war

Curatorial talks, 2015

20 Jan  Jo-ann Curtis - Writing home: Written communication during the first world war