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STATIC: Still Life Reconsidered

STATIC: Still Life Reconsidered

Location: Birmingham Museum

26th July 2014 - 31st December 2014

STATIC Still Life Reconsidered concentrates on the common theme of still life in a broad sense, bringing together a wide range of artistic styles and mediums from the late 1800’s to the present day. The exhibition concentrates upon different artist’s approaches to Still Life as a common subject matter, looking at their approach to different materials and arrangements and how artists have touched upon the genre of Still Life through painting, printmaking and sculpture. The exhibition includes works from artists including Henri Fantin-Latour, William Nicholson, Girogio Morando, Mary Fedden, Patrick Caulfield and Jane Harris.

New acquisitions from contemporary renowned artists Jess Flood Paddock and Donald Rodney will be showcased as a centre piece for the exhibition. These artists have both used inanimate objects in different ways incorporating food as a subject matter, using this as either a material or as a metaphor for commenting upon issues pertinent to contemporary culture.

In the Waterhall. Free entry.

As still life is many artist's favourite genre we want you to share your still life creations with us. Whether through photography, paint or sculpture, snap an image of your own still life and post it with the hashtag #staticstilllife on twitter or @STATIC_STILL_LIFE on instagram. Post as many times as you like to see your arwork on the screen in the entrance of the Waterhall gallery at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Image: Flowers and a Jug by William George Scott © 2014 William Scott Foundation / Photo © Birmingham Museums Trust