​Conservatory Roof Repairs

You might have recently extended your house with a conservatory, only to find that leakages are the order of the day. On the other hand, your conservatory might have been in the family for decades now and is plainly in need of intensive repair. In either case, we’re here to offer you a guide for sorting out your conservatory-related roofing issues.

Some of the most common problems we come across are:

– Discoloured, cracked or misted glass
– Damaged glazing or broken roof panels that have slipped into the gutters
– Leaks related to wood rot in the ridgeline of the structure
– Leaking or blocked valley gutters
– Rot in doors or windows and/or their respective frames

These are the most common but by no means the only issues faced by conservatory owners.

Repair Vs Replacement

Right off the bat, it makes economic sense to consider the full extent of the damage before deciding on either repair or replacement. Repair may be worth your while in the short term but can cost you much more if you’re forced to continually call in repair contractors. On the other hand, a simple repair job may just be the ticket to restoring your conservatory to its former glory.

Another factor to consider is the type of conservatory roof.

Types of Roof Repairs

Here is a list of the various conservatory types and a repair guide for each type:

Glass Conservatories:

Glass doesn’t just offer a classic look, it’s also ideal for letting in optimal light.

Still, glass conservatories are not immune from repairs from time to time. Especially when they’re comprised of older glass. Without modern double glazing, they are especially prone to damage from fallen tiles and branches.

Nonetheless, glass has a solid and stately look that’s unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. So if you have cracked panes in need of replacement, consider this an opportunity to improve on your existing glass structure with double glazing of the modern kind.

This not only means you’ll have a more resilient conservatory, but it also ensures your house will become an energy-efficient and comfortable place to live.

The great news is that glass is easy to fix compared to other options.

Another important point which can’t be ignored is installation quality. Set your sights on the best installers. Because glass is relatively expensive, it makes no sense to compromise on a lesser quality installation service.

Polycarbonate Conservatories:

Lightweight and reasonably priced, polycarbonate roofing has remained a popular choice for decades. This is not to say that older models, in particular, are free of maintenance issues.

For the best deals on polycarbonate products, be sure to seek out:

– Newer products with chemical formulations that are more resistant to UV damage and rain
– Installation services that provide maintenance services as part of their installation price.

Solid Roof Conservatories:

If you’re extending your home, a solid roof conservatory can be an easy way to admit more light in while still ensuring that you maintain your home’s thermal efficiency. Whether your roof is beset by loose tiles or in need of a new type of hail resistant shingles, we can offer you the best range of solutions for fixing that nagging roofing problem.

Wooden Roof Conservatories:

Wood and glass combinations are a classic carry-over from the glory days of Victorian conservatories. This is why they’re unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon and why we’ve devoted a special section to them.

Let’s take a look at the two main options available in this area:


For such a versatile and beautiful material, wood offers the home-owner structural strength and endless options of ornate fenestration which can’t be substituted with more modern materials. Even so, there a definite need to consistently maintain and care for wood products of this kind.

So despite their architectural benefits, you will need to make sure you’re up to speed with waterproofing. Weatherproofing technology is an advantage of newer builds, but if you have an older wooden conservatory, check that it isn’t prone to structural rot. If you suspect this to be the case contact us immediately for an in-depth assessment or quote.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for any damp spots, warping or rot as these issues can easily spread to other unaffected areas. Wood is also susceptible to damage by wood-boring insects which can further exacerbate issues like wood rot.


For an even more natural look or to stave off the need for continual maintenance, some home-owners prefer the simplicity of hardwood. This is an expensive but luxurious option that won’t cost you as much time or money in the future.

There are still some options for extending the lifespan of these structures. One of them is to make use of a glossy paint that shields the underlying wood from water and insects. Provided the job is done thoroughly, this can go a long way to protecting the underlying wood.

Even though this wood may last for decades without facing any maintenance issues, there is still the possibility of wood-rot and infestation.

The good news is that you’re less likely to need a full replacement of the structure and refurbishment can work wonders on this kind of wood. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding an installer in your area that can bring back the luxurious feel of your hardwood conservatory.