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Further Government Support for the Hoard

Further Government Support for the Hoard

21st October 2009

Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw gives his backing to the West Midlands

Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw has said it would be "admirable" if the Staffordshire Hoard could remain in the West Midlands. He told the Houses of Parliament yesterday that he was working with the regional development agency and others to make sure that happened.

This is the second time that the government has given public support to the Anglo-Saxon treasure staying in the West Midlands. Earlier this month at the Museums Association conference the Tourism Minister Margaret Hodge said:

“The Staffordshire Hoard offers an incredible and completely unique insight into Anglo Saxon times. It may take many years or decades for it to give up all its secrets but, while this scholarly research goes on, the pieces must go on public show.

“And I firmly believe their permanent home should be in the West Midlands where people will be able to enjoy and marvel at their Saxon heritage for generations to come, because finds like this tell us about our past, and help to define our sense of place and identity.

The hoard was declared to be Treasure at a coroner's inquest held at Cannock on 24 September. Under the 1996 Treasure Act any gold or silver objects found that are more than 300 years old are Treasure, along with any objects found with them. As Treasure, the hoard belongs to the Crown, but in practice interested museums can acquire it by paying the finder and landowner its commercial value. This will be assessed by the Treasure Valuation Committee, an independent body of experts.


An appeal has been launched to raise the funds that will be necessary to acquire the Hoard for the West Midlands. Donations can be made by cheque or on line which allows for the re-claim of Gift Aid (which adds up to an extra 28p for every pound donated, at no extra cost to the donor). Find out how you can donate on the Support Us page or if you would like to donate online you can go direct to the Charity Choice website to support the appeal.

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