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Pre-Raphaelites in Moscow

Pre-Raphaelites in Moscow

5th July 2013



Four Pre-Raphaelite artworks from Birmingham Museums Trust are currently on display at The Pushkin Museum in Moscow.

The artworks form part of an exhibition organised by Tate, 'Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant Garde'. This exhibition opened at Tate Britain in September 2012, where many other artworks from Birmingham were displayed including favourites such as 'The Last of England' and 'Pretty Baa Lambs' by Ford Madox-Brown. This exhibition was a great success attracting 200,000 visitors. Following on from London, the exhibition toured to Washington DC, USA to the National Gallery of Art before the concluding venue of the tour in Russia.

Much care and attention had to go into the safety of transporting the artworks internationally, ensuring the objects were protected during all aspects of the travel. In specialist crates, the artworks were flown to Washington with a curator from Birmingham acting as a courier to ensure their smooth entry into the United States. Once in Washington DC, they were carefully unpacked by the courier from Birmingham and the Tate team of expert art handlers to ensure the condition of the artworks remained the same. After all of the artworks were examined, they were hung in the gallery ready for the opening of the exhibition. The exhibition received a great amount of press coverage in Washington which included an article reviewing the exhibition in The Washington Post which featured an image from an artwork in Birmingham's collection: 'The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple' by William Holman Hunt. 

After the exhibition had closed in Washington, a member of the collections care team from Birmingham travelled to Washington to de-install the exhibition and to pack the artworks carefully into their crates before their onward journey to Russia. After a two week install at The Puskin Museum in Russia, the exhibition is now open and is being well received.

The four Birmingham Museums art works on display in Moscow are Finding the Saviour in the Temple by William Holman Hunt, Two Gentleman of Verona, Valentine Rescuing Sylvia by William Holman Hunt, The Stone Breaker by Henry Wallis and Work by Ford Madox Brown. "Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde" is on at the Puskin Museum until 22nd September 2013.

Birmingham Museums Trust loan a number of works of art internationally, supporting exhibitions worldwide and helping to ensure the collections of art from Birmingham are seen by a vast amount of visitors. Whilst artworks are displayed at many impressive venues, as part of prestigious exhibitions it is also important to ensure that the works return to be displayed in Birmingham where local/national and international visitors can view them in their home city. This year the Trust has promised to loan art to Japan, Germany, France and Belgium and works of art from the collection are currently on display in Spain, Germany and USA.

Finding the Saviour in the Temple by William Holman Hunt, 1854-55.


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