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Lost in Lace - Major Contemporary Craft Exhibition

Lost in Lace - Major Contemporary Craft Exhibition

15th April 2011

Crafts Council and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG) have announced a major contemporary craft exhibition; Lost in Lace at the Gas Hall, BMAG, from 29 October 2011 to19 February 2012.

An ambitious exhibition featuring large-scale, theatrical and visually stimulating work by international artists who have been inspired by the language of lace. Lost in Lace will explore the relationship between textiles – specifically lace – and space through site-specific installations.

The exhibition will entice visitors into magical environments where spaces become fluid and thread creates new boundaries. Visitors will be able to walk through, between, and under textile installations in the architectural spaces. Striking attention to detail and the symbolic language, patterns and techniques of lace will show visitors the radical
new approaches to textile and space being made by UK and international artists.

Featured artists showcasing their work include Lise Bjørne Linnert, Michael Brennand-Wood, Tamar Frank and Chiharu Shiota, with artists showing in the UK for the first time. Lost in Lace will see large-scale works fully take over the Gas Hall – with some works breaking out beyond the bounds of gallery space.

Lost in Lace is also the first Fifty:Fifty Programme partnership; an innovative biennial scheme in which the Crafts Council match funds up to £50,000 with a partner UK organisation. The first year of the Fifty:Fifty Programme is between Crafts Council and BMAG.

The exhibition is curated by Lesley Millar, Professor of Textile Culture at University for the Creative Arts who received a Crafts Council Spark Plug Curator Award in 2009 to develop an ambitious, innovative and high quality exhibition concept. Professor Millar used the award to develop Lost in Lace.

Lost in Lace is a unique opportunity to see exciting, international work that seeks to challenge current perceptions of lace. The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue containing background information and interviews with the participants, edited by Lesley Millar.

“We are thrilled to be working with BMAG on this exciting inaugural Fifty:Fifty exhibition. Lost In Lace will encourage people to think about the fabric of the spaces we live in through extraordinary textile pieces created by prolific international artists. We believe this will draw new audiences to see the sort of contemporary craft that they may have never seen before.” Rosy Greenlees, Executive Director, Crafts Council

“We look forward to working in partnership with the Crafts Council and Lesley Millar. We hope that Lost In Lace will increase public awareness of contemporary craft, regionally and nationally, through this exciting world-class contemporary exhibition.” Rita McLean, Head of Museums & Heritage Services, BMAG.

“For the last 12 years a central aspect of my research at the University for the Creative Arts has been concerned with the relationship between textiles and space. In this exhibition I have asked an international group including an architect and a scientist alongside artists, makers, designers, to move beyond their usual margins of practice. My challenge was: how to shape public and professional perception of the potentially radical relationship between the structure of lace networks and architectural space? Their responses have been to question the ways in which we move through space and the nature of boundaries and thresholds.” Lesley Millar, Professor of Textile Practice at University for the Creative Arts.

 Serena by Tamar Frank

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