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T.rex - The Killer Question Exhibition. Meet the Dinosaurs!

T.rex - The Killer Question Exhibition. Meet the Dinosaurs!

28th May 2010

T.rex - The Killer Question opens Saturday 29 May

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has announced that T.rex - the Killer Exhibition will open on Saturday 29 May as originally planned. The giant moving animatronic dinosaurs had been delayed en-route from Saudi Arabia and it had been feared that the opening of the show would have to be delayed by a day. The technical and exhibition team have worked tirelessly to meet the original date, and thanks to their effort the show is ready and will open at 10am on Saturday 29 May. 

See photos of the exhibition being put together on Flickr.

T. rex – the Killer Question brings together giant moving animatronic dinosaurs, life size skeleton casts and real fossils that show the size and power of the T.rex and ask visitors to join the scientific debate as to whether the legendary dinosaur was really a killer, a scavenger or even both. 

The Tyrannosaurus (Greek for 'tyrant lizard'), rex (Latin for ‘king’), lived over 65 million years ago and was one of the largest meat eating dinosaurs that ever lived.   As tall as a lorry and longer than a double-decker bus the T.rex was similar in weight to an African elephant. Although the longest T.rex tooth ever found was 30 centimetres long, the question still remains as to whether it chased and killed its prey or ate the remains of dead dinosaurs. 

There are a programme of drop-in children’s workshops taking place during half term, and the summer holidays as well as family activities on several Saturdays throughout the summer. 

For further information and to book tickets online visit the event page or telephone 0121 303 1966. Tickets: £5.00, Adults, £4.00 concessions, Income support/unwaged £2.00, Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) £15.

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